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Liz Holding Batteries

Liz Lulu the Founder of Troop Batteries passed away on 5-12-06 at the age of 13.  In Liz's Honor & Memory her family is dedicated to fullfilling her dream of sending 1,000,000 AA Batteries to Soldiers serving in Iraq & other countries overseas. Before Liz died she had collected about 550,000 Batteries. We are in need of AA Batteries for our Holiday drive.

Troop Batteries

Thank You Montel Williams for supporting our Troops.  The Montel Williams' show featured Liz's & Troop Batteries' story on his show. It was a heartwarming look at Liz, her family & their efforts to keep Liz's dream alive.

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We are nearing Liz's goal of 1 million batteries sent to the Troops serving overseas. Please help us reach our goal by sending a donation of batteries. We also accept monitary donations and we use 100% of the money collected to  buy batteries. We NEVER use cash donations for anything other than buying batteries.  Help us thank a soldier today.